Improving your self control and quitting smoking, drinking, overeating,homosexuality, drugs        Improving your self-control and quitting smoking,, drinking, overeating, homosxuality, drugs


 quitting anything you are now doing    


Smoking, drinking, eating, homosexuality, drugs ..or other sinning............

Many have found it " easy " to quit.....I for one have " quit " many times,

only to find the motivation was eventually replaced with failure,

and then, rationalization, of why I failed.


   Certainly it is not in God's interest that we continue in many of these ways,  even if we believe these actions affect no-one else


Smoking, drinking and eating are NOT sin, we say, although we do know that God would desire better of us.


 So what motivation is there to provide a STRONG will to quit ????


   I say STRONG WILL because we know from experience that the " will to quit " that we have now, is NOT sufficient to sustain our desire to do other words, as much as we are ' wanting ' to ,  on  our own we are unable to.  If this were not so...success in quitting would prevail,  and it doesn't


   Peer groups, like AA and WeightWatchers, etc do offer some ' support ' and understanding of cause and effect.........but the ' motivation ' is not continuous, therefore the programs are not the BEST solution


   Just because we know better, just because family, friends or others have encouraged us, harrassed us, or deserted us....

   Just because we desire to quit,   really desire to quit,   even pray to God,  we have not had sufficient will ,  a STRONG WILL,  so we have not succeeeded in controlling our actions


A STRONG Will controls THOUGHTS...not Actions


   Sin is as much the thought as it is the action.......Mat 5:28      Lust is a desire that began with a  a thought ...if the thought was controlled, the sin ( lust) would not have occurred


  The Laws of Moses, that is the Ten Commandments, well as further commands of God, are well defined by word and example throughout the Bible...They are there to provide an idea of what displeases God  *


   But now, since the coming of Jesus, we know it's not so much the action of committing the sin that displeases God, but the rejection of Him which is shown by that willful action


   Jesus continued teaching  this, emphasising " Loving God..and all others " is by command  * ,  that our obedience is expected,

and our committment and response is what pleases Him when they are a result of love, not fear


   Jesus simply said,  " If you love me, you will obey me "


   Therefore , if God sees your obedience, He will feel your love................and rescue you  Ps 91:14


   Certainly there are many ways to please or displease God, the Bible is full of examples...and it is in this, our intention to please God, that we can find the STRONG WILL to do whatever we believe is right, including increasing our self control over smoking, drinking, and other excesses.  


By understanding the Apostle Paul, that we can do all things through Jesus Christ,Phil 4:13 Who strengthens us,  and  that all things are possible with God,  we have the strength for a STRONG WILL and SELF CONTROL,

 and rejecting that belief is rejecting God and displeasing to HIM                  


Therein should be our best motivator...pleasing HIM


   It is no secret that a  focus on Jesus, rather than on the circumstances, will bring peace to anyone...and by practicing that 'focus', peace will eventually become prevalent in one's life.   It is through that peace that you are able to gain the increase in self control that is necessary for a STRONG WILL


Paul. in his letter to the Galatians, CH5: 22 said " When the Holy Spirit ( of JESUS ) controls( is prevalent in ) your  life , HE will produce this kind of fruit in your life   love joy peace patience kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness and self-control


Self Control,  a STRONG WILL,  results in obedience......

and so first increase your self control by a focus on Jesus


Joshua,  John the Baptist, and the Centurion,   all had self control and STRONG WILLS...and obeyed, doing whatever was expected of them.......and of course there were others as well


By first developing, and practicing, a focus on Jesus,  you also will find that the best motivation to do anything, is deciding to please God,  rather than peers, friends, family, or yourself....and He will provide the strength for the duration of your ' focus ' so that He gets the Glory, and YOU get the benefits of the success


He is faithful to provide the Grace, (  the power to do what He wants you to do ) Ps 23:3...

and pleasing Him and giving Him the credit for quitting is exactly what He wants you to do...

in whatever YOU choose to do



Your success is guaranteed,

once your decision is made

to control your thoughts

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