Seeking  God's  Plan the most important objective anyone can have !


    Knowledge, of Him, about Him, why He created you, and what He expects of you, and obedience therein, brings Life, life more abundantly.  It leads to Peace, as you concentrate your focus on Jesus, rather than your circumstances.


    Many Christians and Godly People seek faithfully His Plan for their life.....many ask Him " What occupation ???.....What spouse ???.....Where should I live ???.....Should I do this??? or that???.....

                        ' God what is your plan for my life ???......'  

 Though some find it, through God or by coincidence, many, without certainty, continue seeking God's Plan for their life.


    Usually they are seeking (first) God's plan for their bodily life....before they seek and understand God's Plan when He created them.  Remember Creation is before conception.   God said " I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb " Jer 1:5 TLB



   Realizing why God created know, love, and serve Him, as a friend, a son, in fellowship not slavery....and understanding that is why He created each of us,  to do the same,   should always lead us to consider God's Plan in Creation first !               Understanding what He expects from our Soul/Spirit and first using that objective as a test for all decisions, will provide the wisdom that indicates His paths of (bodily) life .



Mature Christians and Godly People should be aware of this on a continuing basis, through faithfulness Gal 5:22  but the lack of directional teaching has left them distracted from God's priorities.






My people, are destroyed for a lack of  knowledge ......Hos 4:6




    In knowing God had a plan for our Creation ....all can better understand what we are expected to do.

  By realizing that our Creation came before our conception,  God's Plan becomes more of a priority in life.


    Because God desires man choose to love Him, He has chosen only to influence man in his choices, not use His Will to force man to follow Him and His ways.



" the steps of a righteous man are ordered ".....


  they are ordered by man,  by his choice !


The decision is always made by man !




" ......decide today whom you will obey. ..............


But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord " Josh 24:1  TLB        




   But the paths......leading to life or eternal punishment are predestined by God !


    You may remember the children's books   'Choose Your Own Adventure'           The reader really couldn't choose his own adventure,  he could only make choices to experience what the author had already chosen.

    God's pre-destined plans are like that for each of us.  He is the author.



He said  "See, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil;



.....choose life  "          Deut 30: 15-20 KJV






Testing each path in (bodily) life first by God's Plan in Creating man,



will always bring peace and wisdom as to your best choice !




Does your choice lead YOU to know, love, and serve Him



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