Priorities....success can be achieved Priorities........... success can be achieved  !!!!


If we direct our attention and efforts to the most important tasks,

our  successfulness would dramatically improve.


 That is, we would be more successful,  more of the time.


 Worldwide counselling is in agreement, and suggests that we have our priorities in order...


but what order ??


" What is important to you ?? " they ask...and then suggest a listing in  descending order of importance...

 creating an order of priorities, with which your emphasis is to be focused on those near the top of the list.


Experience has shown this does usually improve one's output...

so there is no doubt that "setting our priorities in order" is important.


but what order ??


Nearly all mankind has realized from early days, that there is an All Powerful God...

and have prayed to Him for various helps .

 Even civilizations of many gods, called ONE as Most High, Most Powerful.


Since we naturally know the power exists, we can be assured that

if we arrange our priorities in His order

 successfulness can be expected !!!





You may already be making a list of priorities,  even working to it, and finding success in what you do.


But this is not about success... but about successfullness ...being more successful,  more of the time.


Although not conforming with today's teachings of  " be who you are ",

these principles have been proven to be successful from early times,

 and have been recorded so that each generation may learn from them. 1 Cor 10:11


Married :  GOD - Spouse - Children  -  Job     

       Single Adult :   GOD  - Children  -  Parents   -  Job     

             Child : GOD  - Parents - School, etc        




Nowhere above is  ' self  '  or who we are important , as a matter of fact,

 God commands, that you put all others at least equal to yourself         Mt 22: 36-39

and desires you put others before yourself Lk 10: 27,36,37




Of course, if you really are a Christian,

He commands you love ( treat ) other Christians ( brothers ) as He does you,

which always puts them before yourself. Jn 13:34 can decide whether to continue to go it alone...

or expect with assurance, God's help in all you do,

living in " successfullness".



Since in todays society, money has come to be the standard indicator of 'success',  for many Married and Single Adults " the JOB" has become the #1 priority.  Although many will deny that to be true in their life,  they will continue to rationalize staying at the same position in spite of the fact that they see signs warning them of problems with their children or marriage.

Often it is a lifestyle fueled by  pride in power or " societal position" among friends, or the desire to have what we want,

that motivates the rationalization....the order of priorities is ours, our family life suffers because of 'success'

" what good is it if a man gain the whole World, and lose his soul"


Unfortunately for many families, a parent makes the children the center of effort, in their attention and 'sacrifice'. Although this may give the appearance of good family life, and can be easily rationalized by many reasons to 'put the children first ',

it too is not in God's order, but ours, and often leads to discontent within the marriage and potentially divorce,

because of one's ' success ' in raising the children.


God expects the married partners to put eachother before anything or anyone but Him !!! Mt 19:4-8



Probably the biggest single cause of divorce today is a result of not having our priorities line up with those of God.


A combination of both errors in priorities as above...with the HUSBAND having his job as his #1 priority, and the WIFE having the children as hers ,  is nearly a certain formula for division and divorce.


but with God, all things are possible...... Mt 19:26


and seeking and doing His desires for your life will bring success...

and faithfullness in obedience to His commands shows Him you love Him...

and you are assured.... He will rescue you !!!  Ps 91:14 TLB



Actually, it is quite easy to begin putting God FIRST

when you understand what He would like from you  :


 "In whatever you do, He gets the Thanks, and the Glory,

since  others are drawn to Him because of the difference they see in you." 1 Tim 4:14-16


It's not a long complicated list,  although to learn more about Him,

you will find a Modern Interpretaton Bible not only helpful, but interesting...


(c) 2002

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