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Peace Forgiveness Decisions Prosperity Healing Destiny...all realized

as you understand God's Will, God's Plan, and the Holy Spirit



It is not    " the Truth that will set you free...."

but .... " the knowledge of the Truth....." Jn 8 :32



        Mt 28:19   " Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.....

                   vs20....Teaching them to obey all things whatsoever I have commanded you............."



we're so glad you've taken time to Focus on Jesus.



   As the site name implies, Jesus is the center of the teachings you'll find here.


   Jesus came as a Teacher, Example, and Sacrifice.  It is the Teaching and Examples He provided by coming 2000 years ago that we concentrate on.


   It is the intention of this site, that you will experience a desire to Focus on Jesus in all things in your life, and in doing so will receive His Peace  on a continuing basis.  

It is not our intention to define or re-define your theology, but it is our hope that you are provoked into serious thought, and that in seeking His Holy Spirit, you will gain a new perspective .

   As you learn to Focus on Jesus, your life will change, just as it would have if you met Him 2000 years ago.  

 Further,  these changes in your life will be evident to those you associate with...causing  them*to Focus on Jesus as well.    

  In part,  that* is God's Plan !!


   We are aware of the many distractions that exist in today's World...but we have found that with our Focus on Jesus, living amongst them is simplified.

  A new desire to learn about Jesus will produce a new desire to act as Jesus would act.   Soon, you won't have to ask " What would Jesus do ??? "    you will just do it.   That is what comes with the Peace of peace all the right decisions are made                     


 unity in faith...with a Focus on Jesus


   It is impossible to Focus on Jesus and, at the same time see any Denominational barriers.


   Every Christian should be able to obey the Third Commandment of Jesus " And I am giving a new commandment to you each other just as I love you " Jn 13:34  Jn 15:12  and  Jn 15:17 TLB , in their attitude, not just their actions.   Paul showed his awareness of this in his instructions in Philippians 2 .    


 Unfortunately  todays teachings generally miss the differences in Christ's teachings......

who is your neighbor ????  

 and  who  is your brother ? 


   We are sure you will realize at this site, we look at the vast similarities,  not the little differences,  amongst the Christian Churches.  In Luke 9:50,  Jesus knew the others were acting in His Name,  and rebuked His Disciples who were offended at the authority of other groups Lk 9: 49,50 TLB.


   Unity in attitude is of paramount importance NOW,   as it was then,   and it is by His command.


    if   you really want to Focus on Jesus....

 The references are to The Laymans Parallel Bible..Zondervan 1971.containing  KJV  NIV  The Living Bible and New Revised Standard Nat'lCouncil 1989.        These references are intended to lead the reader to areas of the Bible, to gain wisdom through His Holy Spirit, and reading several verses before and after the reference verse is suggested , to gain the right understanding.      Reading The Living Bible ..Tyndale 1971 ..and at least one other Version is suggested.  When reading,  consider who is speaking or writing, when , and to whom .      If there involves a promised blessing, determine whether it was fulfilled, or withdrawn by God because the agreement(covenant) was broken by the people  Jgs 2:20,21.   Lastly, review your fruits Gal 5:22 , and determine by asking His Holy Spirit, whether you are included in vs 19... or 22




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   We hope that this site brings you to new levels of understanding, as you Focus on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit,  His Holy Spirit, to bring you wisdom beyond your expectation.


   Also, we hope you will encourage other Ministers of the Gospel to visit this site..and also Focus on Jesus  


                     May the Peace and Power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus be with you always


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