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Get yourself in Balance



More than anything else,  your peace is determined by influences on your life.

 When you realize that ,   you can increase your peace



Man's priorities have been changed by other's priorities


Are you unfairly influenced by friends or family ?



To varying degrees, man has become a self-serving being,

and does not have real love for anyone else on a continuing basis.



Because of this, man who was originally created with love and in balance,

 now is so influenced by his own desires,  and those of his family, friends, and others,

that he is now out of balance because of having no real love input .




When Jesus Christ died on the Cross

it symbolized many things,

 but the most important is the love of God for man Jn3:16




You don't have to clean-up

or change your lifestyle

 to come and  look to the cross

 and feel THAT real love




         Focus on Jesus        






What do you feel when you really look upon Him ?



Jesus died this way 2000 yrs ago

just so you would get THAT feeling.



This is the influence that can put you in balance !


                            It can offset and replace the negative influences

                                you now get from a lack of feeling loved !


    Of course, repenting, being sorry

and changing from sin

      is what He desires,    

 but He does not expect it overnight.




and...you will quickly learn that

He provides the strength and help

You only need to say :


I'm Sorry.........           I want to........            Help me.......





Believe it !!!


Get it !!!






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