We welcome you to the Focus on Jesus website with the same Love that

Christ Himself would have welcomed you when He walked the Earth


The Prophet John the Baptist, preached Repentance...

the turning from sin, and towards obedience to God....

as the way to God's forgiveness,

 and John baptized those who made a decision to repent. Mt 3:6 TLB    

 But to the "Religious" , John required proof of their changed attitudes  Mt 3:7  Lk 3:8 TLB 



 Jesus, however, though He also taught Repentance,

often forgave without condition Lk 23:34  Mk 2:5 TLB ....


though He frequently  added " go in Peace, and sin no more " Jn 8:11


It is reasonable to expect He would do the same today, for a 'new-comer' to Him.


forgive you and say  'go in Peace and sin no more '





His Teachings throughout this site, that one must forgive all others first  Mt 6: 14,15


are directed to His followers, Christians , who once they were taught this,


were  (and are) expected to  forgive all others first Mt 6:15


in order to receive forgiveness from The Father




Because  God Loves You...


you , a non-believer, can come to Him NOW and receive His forgiveness,


and get the real Peace that only He can give



call now......on   HIM


your life will change  !!!!



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