<META name="description" contents="A sincere apology is often the way to feeling at peace"> <META name="keywords" contents="forgiveness,forgive,apology,apologize,Jesus, teaching, guilt, feelings, sin,"></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F00">  </FONT><FONT CLASS="F01"> Forgiveness from others maybe easier than you think............</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F02">A sincere apology is often the way to feeling at peace..</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03">.</FONT><FONT CLASS="F04">*</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F05">because God expects their forgiveness to follow your repentance</FONT><FONT CLASS="F03"> </FONT><FONT CLASS="F06">Lk 17: 3</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F03">Here are a few 'Tips'</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F01">QUICKLY</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03">... the longer </FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F03">you</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03"> delay, the more diificult you may </FONT><I><FONT CLASS="F03">think</FONT></I><FONT CLASS="F03"> it will be,  and often the offended party may be encouraged by others to seek revenge, increasing </FONT><I><FONT CLASS="F03">their</FONT></I><FONT CLASS="F03"> feelings of offense </FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><I><FONT CLASS="F07">BUT...it is </FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F07">never</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F07"> " too late " to apologize...even to one who is deceased, because their</FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F07"> spirit</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F07"> lives .</FONT></I></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F01">AUTHORITATIVELY</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03">....  </FONT><FONT CLASS="F03"> </FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F03">sincerity</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03"> is the key ingredient.  Don't let someone else do this for you</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F01">CLEARLY</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03">...It's about  'how the offense made the other person feel'  that you should </FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F03">clearly</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03"> address.</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F08">Often, </FONT><I><FONT CLASS="F08">what you may have done </FONT></I><FONT CLASS="F08">is</FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F08"> not </FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F08">as important as </FONT><I><FONT CLASS="F08">how you made the other person feel</FONT></I></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F03">You may not be able to undo the deed, but you can lessen their feelings of offense</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F01">BRAVELY</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03">...apologize without excuse </FONT><FONT CLASS="F09">( even if there may be one ).  </FONT><FONT CLASS="F03">Remember, it is how </FONT><I><FONT CLASS="F03">they feel </FONT></I><FONT CLASS="F03">that you are most concerned about...</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><I><FONT CLASS="F03">Just accept the consequences</FONT></I><FONT CLASS="F03">...</FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F03">don't</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03"> try to use the apology to manipulate your circumstances</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F01">The thought of apologizing can be difficult to deal with, </FONT><FONT CLASS="F03">because it reveals our guilt to</FONT><FONT CLASS="F03">, as well as others. The Long term effect of carrying grudges, unforgiveness, and bitterness is certain to make it difficult for  a person to live in peace.</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F01"> Pride, and </FONT><B><I><FONT CLASS="F01">fear of rejection by the offended party</FONT></I></B><FONT CLASS="F01">, often lead to procrastination...and failure to follow through. Apologizing is </FONT><FONT CLASS="F01"> responsibility.  </FONT><FONT CLASS="F0a">God</FONT><FONT CLASS="F01"> is certain to forgive you, even if the other party does not. If they refuse,  you should realize it is </FONT><FONT CLASS="F01"> </FONT><B><FONT CLASS="F0a">His</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F01"> forgiveness you </FONT><B><I><FONT CLASS="F01">need</FONT></I></B><FONT CLASS="F01"> in order to feel peace in your life</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F0b">Make a Decision  to resolve this situation, NOW, </FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F0b"> and live in the Peace the Lord intended for you</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F04">*</FONT><FONT CLASS="F03">   First check your " Heart "...</FONT></B><FONT CLASS="F03">your ATTITUDE and MOTIVE..... </FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F03">your sincerity, and their feelings are important</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><FONT CLASS="F03">a 'self-serving' apology may be worse than no apology at all !!!</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><I><FONT CLASS="F03">Real </FONT></I></B><FONT CLASS="F03">Peace comes as a result of your Attitude and Motive !</FONT></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><B><FONT CLASS="F09">Without question, it has been demonstrated in many lawsuit settlements, an EARLY apology goes a LONG way in reducing settlement amounts</FONT></B></CENTER></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> <P><CENTER><A HREF="forgiveness.htm" TARGET="_top"><B><I><FONT CLASS="F0c">more about Forgiveness </FONT><FONT CLASS="F0d">.</FONT></I>..click HERE</B></A></CENTER></P> <P ALIGN="left"><FONT CLASS="F0e">03-0606</FONT></P> <P ALIGN="right"><B>(<FONT CLASS="F0f">c) 2003   www.focusonJesus.net</FONT></B></P> <P><CENTER> </CENTER></P> </BODY> </HTML>