Why Me ????????


On occassion Christians are faced with circumstances that they cannot understand the 'reason' for.   Much like Job,  things seem to happen to them that they feel are not 'justified', and like Job they believe they have done nothing to deserve such calamity and dissappointment.  

 "Why me ???" is often their question.


Would God have done this, as Job's friends believed, 

or is it satan who is the cause?  

In Job's case, it was satan,     but it may not be either God or satan,  rather a result of our doing what we choose and exposing ourselves to the risks of those activities


Business ventures, travel, and sports, are just a few of the activities we choose to engage in that include inherent risks to us personally, and our property.  When we choose to participate, and things 'happen',  mature Christians need to be quick to realize that, and not dwell on blaming God.

The letter below was directed to a young race-car driver, in just that situation...but could just as well apply to anyone who calls God his Lord...........



An open letter to a young race-car driver


I know this has not been the kind of day you would have chosen. Among other things, a wrong choice by another in your car's set-up, resulted in slow qualifying times for both you and your team mate, forcing you to start 19th of 24 cars.


But you didn't mention that, or complain, when you told me about the slow times, when I talked to you in the pit.  I'm not surprised you didn't place the blame anywhere, because I've noticed before, your attitudes of calmness and respect that must be a credit to your upbringing.


But now, as a result of a first lap 10 car crash that destroyed several cars including your teammate's,  I see you inside the turn 4 wall from where I'm photographing the race, beginning to dismantle much of your own wrecked car, so it will fit in your enclosed hauler, and I can feel the dissappoinment you must endure.....


Still, your peaceful ( and professional ) attitude is evident to me.


While the race resumes, you face the ' where do I begin ? ' task at hand, in a manner that could be televised Nationally without embarrassment to your team


I occasionally glance in your direction, and when another caution flag is out I think of walking over and giving you a Word of encouragement, that Jesus loves you...and then it happens....


God must have read my mind, because I see 'your' young lady who had been standing back watching, go over, kneel down, and gently rub your back, as you continue turning a wrench


Jesus most always works through others, and seeing His kind of support through her, I knew you would be o.k.


I never did get a chance to see you after the race, but I did see your lady and asked how you were.  She told me you were not hurt, and as I asked her to give you my encouragement in the Lord, she said you asked the typical question in these circumstances " Why Me ? "


The answer, I think, is because you were racing, and in racing, crashes happen for many reasons....and you were there...where you wanted to be, and I doubt if God objected to your racing.....


This is not the kind of thing God would cause, if indeed that is where your question was directed.  In reality, there are so many potential causes in every race, that His ability to  ' mess you up ' is not neccessary !  


Surely, you will start hundreds of races in your future, have hundreds of first laps and I would bet none will ever be as bad for you as this one.  I hope though, that this one becomes the one that causes you to ALWAYS, in the future, make that personal connection with Jesus every time you put your helmet on, in the racecar.

 Everytime, not just the race starts, but

for safety in practice and the right skills, decisions, and protection in qualifying and racing.

EVERY time...because God blesses faithfullness


I know if you drive like Jesus, with the Fruits of the Spirit*,

 you'll always do better than if you don't !!! ,

 especially when you realize that, and always give God the Glory...

in this race, for getting you through the crash,

and having the 'right' lady in your support

ALWAYS..because God blesses faithfullness


Ultimately,  all who focus on Jesus....WIN !!!


(c) 2002  www.focusonjesus.net


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