" The Old Testament points to the coming of Christ " 

  and upon that statement has been built powerful preachings by leaders of Christian Churches .



  Although there is no doubt that the Old Testament does point to His coming,  for todays Christian, that message sometimes, has become a distraction.   Often times, in preaching from the Old Testament, Jesus is never mentioned in the entire sermon, contrary to the intention of the Great Commission 1.


   Furthermore, the Jews, who studied the Scriptures in looking for His coming, never understood their meanings, and failed to recognize Him.    Even today, though they are still studying the same Scriptures, they still fail to realize Jesus is God !    John gives a warning in his 2nd letter   1:19  "for if you wander beyond the teachings of Christ, you will leave God behind....."    Jesus did not give His followers 2 or the Disciples3 the revelation of the Scriptures until after His Resurection.


   But the Old Testament is crucial to Christians of today, because in it's Historical Periods,  it gives the knowledge of God's Plan4 from the beginning, and the characteristics of God pertaining to those who fail (just to judge 5 ) as well as to those who are faithful 6. Further it shows there is always a remnant 7 ,as He desires that all shall be saved, especially those who are faithful or willing to repent 8.


   God's promises are nearly given as   "  IF .......THEN ..".    

satan would rather have Christians believe God said  " I will...."   but didn't do it,  when He really says :

                     " If they will.............then I will..9.."


   History repeats itself  because mankind often gained no wisdom from it.       Asaph knew this 10 ,  and Ezra, 1000 years after Moses, knew both the importance of history and the remnant as he prayed in Jerusalem11.   As a result, the people realized what God had done in the past and they repented 12.


   Because God is 13 love, kindness, goodness, and gentleness,  the blessings (........ THEN)  of the Old Testament are important principles of the history of God's dealings with His people.   But, without connecting the conditions (IF), the message becomes man's,  not God's.


   To whom did Jesus say " ask  anything in my name "    ....the  multitudes ?????    NO, the 14 disciples !     He had already determined the 11 had met the   ' IF........THEN '....."

                if you love me, (then) you will obey me " 15.


   The Old Testament really is a collection of many old testaments...covenants God made with His people,  each of which at the time it was made could have resulted in everlasting blessings.  But each was broken by the people 16, causing God to later try something different with a remnant.


   Just as the responsibility rested on Ezra to teach the people, so now it rests on todays 17 teachers/preachers to do the same, for it is written "My people perish for a lack of knowledge" 18

                   and  knowledge is the breath of revival .


      Without breathe,  life ceases...

             Without  knowledge,  revival is short lived



 The following references are to The Laymans Parallel Bible..Zondervan 1971.containing  KJV  NIV  The Living Bible and New Revised Standard Nat'lCouncil 1989.        These references are intended to lead the reader to areas to gain wisdom through His Holy Spirit.      Reading The Living Bible ..Tyndale 1971 ..and at least one other Version is suggested.  When reading,  consider who is speaking or writing, when , and to whom .      If there involves a promised blessing, determine whether it was fulfilled, or withdrawn by God because the agreement(covenant) was broken by the people ( Jgs 2:20,21).   Lastly, review your fruits, and determine by asking His Holy Spirit, whether the author would have addressed you in the same way.....are you a ' Shaphat '... or are you  a ' Caleb '....???



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